Hello again.  It is August 2020 and the world continues to be surreal.  And yet, we’re still here.  This time last year we gathered at Carolyn and Susan’s house to think about the future of the club going forward.  A lot of good ideas.  We just met again last week to think about a revised future for the club going forward.
Carolyn Boegner has sent out proposed by-laws changes, which will give you a clue as to what was covered at our meeting.  And the minutes will be coming soon, as well.  Here are the “Cliff’s Notes”. 
  1. We are proposing a new name
  2. We are proposing a revised mission statement
  3. We are proposing a changed fiscal year to match the calendar year
  4. We are proposing a reduction in dues
  5. We are proposing revised By-laws to accommodate the changes.
  6. We ARE proposing no fundraising efforts until Fall 2021, depending on the pandemic
Our meeting on September 3rd at noon will be an opportunity to discuss these changes and vote to accept, or amend and accept, the changes.  We will meet again at Bicentennial Park but we have decided on a virtual option, as well.  We will have the meeting available on ZOOM for those of you who want to attend but are unable to do so in person.  Carolyn Stubbs will invite you to join prior to the meeting; all you will need to do is log in.  (Once the weather gets too cold to meet outdoors, we will be able to ZOOM together through the winter months.)
In addition to discussing and voting on the above we will need to officially elect officers for the coming year.
Before I close, let me wish a Happy Birthday to Carolyn Stubbs (08/15) and to Deb Cherry (08/19).
Enjoy the rest of August!  Hope to see you in September.