Business Meeting
12 p.m.                                          Thursday January 9, 2020                       Flint Masonic Temple
                                                     Chair Barb Horcha, Presiding
Attendance:  Carolyn Boegner, Peggy Hale, Barb Horcha, Kathy Holt, Renee Keswick, Cathy Moore, Pam Nelson, Barb Rumbel, Carol Sipley, Patrice Steihl, Carolyn Stubbs
Welcome/Call to Order/Introductions:
Chair Horcha called the meeting to order at 12:01 p.m., by welcoming all present. Eleven members were in attendance.
Thought for the Day: Cathy Moore
Approval of Minutes:  Minutes approved without objection and placed on file.
Treasurer’s Report: Approval of the Treasurer’s Report for November had been postponed pending resolution of questions regarding funds raised for the Chicken Dinner.  $935.00 is the final figure for Chicken Dinner fund raising. The Holiday Dinner netted $1,189.03.  There was a question regarding how much money is in the Foundation budget.  C. Stubbs advised that the reports are cash flow reports and we will discuss the Foundation balance at a future meeting.  The treasurers reports for November and December were filed for audit.
Presidents Reports: Chair Horcha reported
  • Inquiry about RFP timeline: Communication Access Center is wondering when we will be considering their request for funds. C. Stubbs will call the Service Committee together to determine funding timeline and process.
  • Upcoming Events and Reminders: The calendar for the year was distributed previously and again today.
  • Inter-Service Club Luncheon: There were 120 people in attendance. The guest speaker from Crossover Ministries did a great job.
  • The Voices for Children Breakfast: will be held on Friday, February 7, 2020.  Quota Club has purchased a table.  Chair Horcha took a list of names of who will be attending.  All are asked to wear their Quota name tag.  Fliers will be distributed.
  • Genesee County Youth Corporation: This organization is made up of REACH, Traverse Place and Street Outreach.  They will be holding a fund raiser on Fat Tuesday, “Beads on the Bayou”.  Fat Tuesday is February 25th.  Tickets are $35 per person.  K. Holt, P. Steihl and B. Horcha have tickets. There was a motion from C. Stubbs with support from P. Nelson to purchase a table at the cost of $500.  Motion carried.
Committee Reports:
Trivia Night: C. Stubbs reported that the event is scheduled for Saturday, March 28, 2020, at the Flint Institute of Music.  A flyer will be posted on Facebook and at the Masonic Temple.  Gift cards will be given as prizes, and Carolyn is accepting donations