JUNE 24, 2020-July 31, 2020
Since there were two parts to my report in May I was not on top of a June missive.  Which means I missed wishing Sherry Murphy a Happy Birthday.  It was June 14th and it is not too late to send belated greetings.  Our other June birthday is Barb Rumbel on June 29th.  I believe she will be 89 years young, and still going strong. 
We had a meeting at Bicentennial Park in Grand Blanc on June 18th.  Nine of us attended, social distanced, and took care of Club business.  Lucille brought a delicious dessert, precut, so that there was no touching.  Pam will be getting out the minutes but I will summarize here.
Carolyn Stubbs and her Service committee recommended grants, which the Club approved, to those organizations that applied, although with some revisions.  Money from the Foundation will be added to money earned by the Club to provide the grants. 
Ann reported on Club Operations and Foundation finances.  We have received our payout from Regional.  Money from International will not be coming back to us until at least September, if not later.   Ann filed her report on Club Runner.  We voted to continue with our Club Runner subscription, which will allow us to have a public “face” and also store all our documents.
Although we decided in March to take no break in fundraising, the pandemic had other ideas.  The result is that we ARE taking a break.  We have two major tasks.  First, we need to complete the discussion begun in March about who we are and where we’re going as a club.  I will include the survey results with this report.  Once that is done, we will need to update our Bylaws to reflect the changes.  Since Carolyn Boegner did all the hard work of updating the Bylaws in 2019 this should be a relatively easy task.  THANK-YOU, Carolyn.  A group of four members volunteered to do the updating.
Our Bylaws call for an annual Business Meeting in May.  In these crazy times it has been postponed until September.  We will vote in the new Board (which will look a lot but not totally like the current Board) and the Bylaws changes at that time. 
Melissa sent a suggestion about partnering with The Cottage (a memory care assisted living facility) in Davison to provide service time for residents for specified fun activities.  Club members expressed an interest once we have some idea of what the new normal will look like and things begin to open up again. 
So, on Thursday, August 6th, noon, we will be meeting again at the North Pavilion at Bicentennial Park in Grand Blanc.  It is closest to the soccer fields and Reid Road.  At that meeting we will decide on our Club name, mission, dues, etc., etc.   The summary results are below.
Hope you all have a great rest of June and all of July and we can actually get together in August.