MAY 2020
Happy May.  As of now we will not be meeting on the 7th or the 21st, since the shelter-in-place order has been extended.  We can celebrate birthdays (remotely).  So, Happy Birthday wishes to Carolyn Boegner (4th), Joy Cramer (11th), Renee Keswick (25th), Susan Schneberger (25th), and Ramona Sain (30th).
I have submitted the final Annual President’s Report to International and would be happy to share it if there is an interest.  The report covered what funds we raised and to whom we awarded grants last year.  It also included answers to questions about moving forward after September 2020.  Also, Brenda Chadwick, our Regional Director, has set up a conference call for all Region 4 Delegates for Sunday, May 3rd, at 6:00 PM.  She would like to discuss and vote on the details of shutting down Region 4, including the disbursement of Region funds.  I will update you on the results following that call. 
In addition, International sent out a missive in early April titled “Design a new future for your Quota Club”.  Our club began the process in February (in a galaxy far, far away….; wrong reference but it feels like it was a different millennium).  Once the Regional Conference call is completed, I will share the details of International’s suggestions along with information from the call.
For now, I wish you peace, enough hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes, and something good to occupy your time.  I just finished reading Pale Rider, by Laura Spinney.  It is a well-researched book, published in 2017, about the Spanish Flu of 1918-1920.  Food for thought.
More next week.           BARB