MAY 15, 2020
There Is something called Parkinson’s Law.  It states that “work expands to fill the time allotted”.  That being said, here is the information regarding Regional. 
  • Both Carolyn Stubbs and I participated in a conference call with club representatives in Region 4 on Sunday, May 3rd.  All clubs were represented, with the exception of Kalamazoo, which has often opted out of Regional business in the past.  Region 4 as we have known it has been formally dissolved.  There is $9,033.43 in the bank account.  Of that, $9,000 will be divided by clubs based on per capita membership as of 10/31/19.  There are 139 members total for Region 4.  With 23 members in our club we will be receiving $1,489.25. ($64.25 per member) The remaining $33.43 will remain in our account until September 30, 2020, in case of mailing or other miscellaneous expenses.  Whatever is left will go to a good bottle of vodka.  Carolyn volunteered to audit the books.  Yvonne, from the Iosco club, will keep all the Regional records for 5 years.  The paperwork for what was District 20 will be destroyed; it has been many years since we shifted to the Regional model. 
  • There will no longer be a formal Regional structure, dues to that body, etc.  However, members of all clubs represented (Flint, Iosco, Grand Rapids, and Port Huron) want to continue as individual clubs and expressed an interest in keeping informal connections and inviting other clubs to each club’s fund-raising events.  There was also some discussion about identifying a younger club member to coordinate contacts between clubs, if such a member expressed interest.
  • Renee posted a message from our International President on our Facebook page on May 14th.  Very informative.
Carolyn and the Service Committee have received a total of 6 grant requests, one of which has already been dispersed to CAC with the club’s approval.  (for the Domestic Violence Conference for deaf women)  The remaining 5 include The Boys and Girls Club, The Children’s Museum, The New Life Center, The Genesee County Youth Corporation, and a request from a church in Fenton to support a community program for parents/families.  Once we are able to meet again and vote on these, or do so remotely, we can let them know.  With the money back from Regional and anticipated disbursement from International, our profit from 2018-19 fundraisers, and Foundation money we should have no problem.  Carolyn will provide details.
Finally, once June arrives and we can more safely congregate, we can revisit our planning for the future of Quota of Flint.  Carolyn Stubbs informed me that both our Foundation and our Club are incorporated already.  By-laws will need to be changed to eliminate the references to International and probably adjust our mission statement, among other things.
I hope each and all of you continue to weather this ‘never-ending story’ with humor, imagination, and chocolate.  Or wine.  Or both.