October 1, 2020
Present: Kathy, Carolyn B., Barb, Patrice, Ann, Cathy, Carolyn S., Peggy, and Lucille. Via Zoom: Susan and Renee
  1. Call to Order by Barb at 12:05
  2. Thought for the Day- Barb
  3. Minutes- There was a problem sending the minutes from last month so they will be approved next month.
  4. Treasurer’s Report- Ann sent information out in an email. Dues will be placed in the Operations account and then distributed.
  5. President’s Report- Overview of our September meeting.
  1. Due to our decision to not participate in Quota USA there have been several texts, emails and phone calls from them in an effort to have us change our decision. Barb and Carolyn Stubbs explained our position to them and hopefully they will accept it.
  2. Carolyn Boegner brought pictures and other items that need to be archived. Barb went to the Masonic Temple and retrieved all of the items that we had there as they are not going to be reopening. We discussed options for storage of these items: Sloan and U-M were some of the options. These organizations will be contacted and a decision will be made at a later date.
  3. Ramona Sain has a lot of records that she saved onto a disc.
  4. MSU- They let us know that the Jean Carl Endowment fund was transferred from the Law School to the general university as the Law School has merged with the larger organization.
  1. Service- Discussed several options for service projects. Lucille asked about starting back up Project Ladder where Quota provided assistance to residents in long term homeless shelters.
Other suggestions were working with the Food Bank, Safe House, New Life Center or GCYC.
  1. Committee Sign Up- a sign up sheet was passed around.
  2. Installation of Officers- Cathy agreed to continue as Vice President with the understanding that she is not interested in becoming President. With that the Officers for 2020-21 are:
President – Barb Horscha
Vice President- Cathy Moore
Treasurer- Ann Beagle
Secretary- Pam Nelson
  1. Adjourned at 1:08
Next meeting is 11-5-20 at noon. This will be a Zoom meeting so the invitation and password will be sent via email