After a VERY long March, April has arrived.  And here we are, separate, but together as a club.  I hope each of you are weathering this very unusual time in our history and have enough toilet paper and chocolate to carry you through the coming weeks.
As you may already know, the International Quota Convention has been cancelled.  Renee posted the letter from our International president this morning on our Facebook page. If you have already paid for the convention your money will be refunded.  You will need to deal with the venue to get your money back for rooms reserved.  Many of you have made Quota friends around the world and will have to figure out a way to say good-bye remotely.  Or arrange with our very own travel agent (you know who you are, Peggy) to take a trip when this is all over and say good-bye in person. 
As for our Club, we are moving forward.  Once we are safely able to ‘regroup’ we will do so.  I know we had not planned to take a break from fundraising but it seems we have little choice for the moment. 
In the meantime, be thinking about what we can do.  Cathy Moore has been making safety masks for her daughter, an RN, and others.  Maybe Cathy could use some extra materials or enlist others who are handy at sewing to contribute to the effort.  I understand that St. Luke’s New Life Center has been making masks.  Carriage Town Ministries has asked for donations of single bed sheets, blankets, and pillows to house the homeless, separate from their residents.  The Food Bank could probably use donations.  Melissa continues her work at The Cottages and I think they could use some safety masks.  If you know of places in need of anything, we can share that information amongst ourselves (and with others) to get needs met. If some of you are unable to get out to get food, and have no family members close by, others of us can help.
On a brighter note, we have three birthdays and a retirement to celebrate.  Melissa’s birthday is tomorrow, April 2nd.  Peggy’s birthday is April 10th, and Kathy Holt celebrates on April 16th.  Anne is now officially retired.  Woohoo!!
There will be no Business Meeting tomorrow.  But I am including a Thought for the Day. 
This, Too, Shall Pass
When things are bad, remember:
It won’t always be this way.
Take one day at a time.
When things are good, remember:
It won’t always be this way.
Enjoy every moment.
Stay safe, stay connected, stay home.  See you later.   BARB