November 2021
Home Page Stories
It is already December 5th   and Christmas is less than 3 weeks away. 
It seems like everything has moved faster this year.   We have one birthday to celebrate; Carol will chalk up another year on December 19th.
At least one of us has already volunteered at the New Life Center wrapping gifts and several of us are planning on doing so on the 6th.  There will still be opportunities next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  According to Patrice it is very well organized. 
There is no Business meeting in December, and our January Business meeting will be on the 2nd Thursday, which is January 9th.  Our Holiday Dinner is a week from yesterday, December 12, at Brick Street.  Dinner is at 6:00 PM but we usually start arriving by 5:30. We have 29 people coming to celebrate together and Kathy Holt has done a great job of getting items for our live auction.  Many thanks, Kathy.  I have been told that our auctioneer, who shall remain nameless, will be recovered enough to do her usual great job.  You can send cards of encouragement if you have not already done so.
I hope that each and all of you enjoy a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Barbara Horcha, President
As of this writing, Ann Beagle has almost completed celebrating her birthday and both Gail Stimson and Jacki Scott are looking forward to birthdays later this month.  Happy Birthday to all.October is behind us.  The Chicken Dinner was very well attended and everyone who was able worked really hard.  We have consensus that we will reduce the number of hours in the future (a decision made at the end of a very busy event) and, since the Temple is taking a larger share of the profit, we will need to consider increasing the cost of tickets next year.  Two attendees expressed an interest in membership.  A complete report will be shared at our Business Meeting on the 7th. 
Melissa has already shared, on our web page, the 40 Years of Service Celebration for Barb Rumbel and Carolyn Stubbs on October 17th.   Melissa and Jackie met and Jackie posted on our website about “passing of torch” for administrating the site.  We are really fortunate as a club to have members willing to volunteer time and energy for this, and for everything we do.  A shout out to Renee for boosting our image on Facebook, as well.
We will have a lot of ground to cover at our Business Meeting on the 7th.  I will be attending the Motherly Intercession fundraising dinner on November 9th, and will represent the Club.  For our Program Meeting this month (11/21) we will get in the holiday spirit with a cutthroat Christmas Ornament exchange.  And we can all attend the Interservice Club Luncheon on Friday, November 22nd.  Kathy Holt will have tickets to sell.
I hope each of you and all of us have a great November.
On Thursday evening, October 17th at our Program Meeting, we celebrated the 40 Year Anniversary of membership to Quota of Flint for our dear friends Barbara Rumbel and Carolyn Stubbs.  Carolyn Boegner had a fun evening planned.  We played a trivia game based on events that occurred in 1979- the year that both Barbara and Carolyn became Quotarians.  There was a lot made of the fact that the person who was 14 years old in 1979 won this trivia contest (ME).  I chalk that win up to the fact that I was a fastidious student learning about world events ....and I am a very good guesser!  
Barbara received her 40 year pin.  Unfortunately, Carolyn was not able to attend and will receive her pin at our next gathering.  
We enjoyed dinner together, laughed a lot, and were happy to celebrate this milestone with Barbara.  
We have great news to share with our members today. Melissa Taylor, our newest member, is becoming the chief administrator of our Quota Website run by the program Clubrunner. After working all day yesterday at her real job, she came to my house for an intense tutoring session on the website. Melissa is a quick learner with lots of good ideas for our website. She is very good with computers too. So, I welcome her with open arms.
If you are experiencing difficulty with our website, you can now go to Melissa for help. I will also remain available to help too. If you bring in a new member, be sure to give that person's information to Melissa so that she can enter them into our website program. Melissa and I will be working together on this project to ensure a smooth transition. You can also help her with the project too. She has a request out there that will help us get to know each other better. It is a good start.
Looking forward to the new future of Quota's website and getting to know Melissa better.
Good day ladies!  I am quite excited that this is my first story to publish for our club.  At our planning meeting in August we had a lot of discussion about getting to know one another, where we come from, why we joined Quota,  who introduced us to Quota, and interesting information about ourselves.  I have been making a dedicated effort to move around and sit with different people at meetings to broaden my familiarity with more members.  I am enjoying it immensely.  
We would  like to add a story each month in the bulletin featuring one member.  If you would be willing to be a spotlight member one month.please send me an email at and I will send you a little questionnaire to help you provide information to us along with a picture (hopefully).
I am looking forward to preparing  your story so that we can all learn a little more about one another.  
Yours in Quota, Melissa Taylor