The third Thursday in June is always reserved for Quota's Mystery Dinner. This year we headed to Fenton.
On Thursday, June 18th, our Quotarians met in Fenton to have our Mystery Dinner. We met in VG's Parking Lot on Leroy Street. There, we received our directions to our destination, "50 Sips". Each member was met at the door with a glass of champagne. Cheese, crackers and fruit were set out for nibblers. Quotarians and their friends preordered either salmon or chicken for their meal. At each place, there was a little box of chocolates for the guest.
After dinner, our new president Shelly Hoffman and her husband Brian, Enid and Adrian Wappakapplitt, put on a little skit for our entertainment. Brian (Adrian) was dressed like a 70s game show host, and Shelly (Enid) was all dolled up with her purse and cat glasses. The members were given sheets of paper with qualifying questions dealing with the history of Quota. Of Course, Susan, Carolyn S. and Connie were the most knowledgeable. They were called to the front of the room to answer even more difficult questions dealing with Quota's history. Each contestant chose a barnyard animal's sound to ring in for an answer. Susan's favorite animal was a pig; Carolyn's was a cow; and Connie's was a chicken. Whoever made their animal's sound first got to answer the question. If the contestant answered the question correctly, she went into Adrian's pocket to find a prize, a rubber chicken. I have a feeling that we are going to see a lot of these in the coming months. Caroly ended up with the highest score and was awarded a game of CLUE. It was so much fun and very educational. I know that I learned a lot about our history. Watch for two questions each month in our ebulletin to see if you know the answers.