Business Meeting
12 p.m.                                                         Thursday, June 18, 2020                                    Bi Centennial Park
                                                                Chair Barb Horcha, Presiding
Attendance:  Ann Beagle, Lucille Bigelow, Carolyn Boegner, Peggy Hale, Kathy Holt, Barb Horcha, Pam Nelson, Patrice Stiehl, Gail Stimson, Carolyn Stubbs
Welcome/Call to Order/Introductions:
Chair Horcha called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m., by welcoming all present. Ten members were in attendance.
Thought for the Day: Barb Horcha
Approval of Minutes:  Minutes approved without objection and placed on file.
Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer’s Report was filed for audit. Ann Beagle advised that there is $73,000 in the Foundation account and that there was a check from the District for $1,489.25.  That closes out the District accounts. Club Runner wants $300 rather than $275 for their services. There was a motion from C. Stubbs with support from G. Stimson to approve the payment.  Motion carried.
Committee Reports:
  • Service Committee: C. Stubbs reported that applications had been received from five agencies.  The low return was probably due to the Corona Virus. Recommendations for funding are:
    • K. Holts Church has a program to provide family meals, five, for Lake Fenton School families.  The request is $500.  Because of the uncertainty with the school year, all of these dollars may not be needed or utilized
    • Children’s Museum is planning a children’s garden.  Request is $3,258
    • Genesee County Youth Corporation is requesting $2,760 for administrative costs to help with the new transitional living house that the Junior League just provided for youth aging out of foster care
    • St. Luke’s NEW Life Center is requesting $3,000 to provide food for their clients
    • Boys and Girls Club of Greater Flint is requesting $1,500 for supplies for summer camps
      • There was a motion from C. Stubbs with support from G. Stimson to approve requests as submitted.  Some of the funds may not be allocated, but will be put aside in case they are needed. Total request is $11,018. Motion carried.  An allocation of $1,700 has already been given to Communication Access Center.
      • There was a motion from C. Stubbs with support from A. Beagle to change our club’s fiscal year to a calendar year.  Motion carried.
  • Nominating Committee: B. Horcha advised that we should have had a Nominating Committee appointed, but due to the Virus, have not been meeting, thus have not appointed a committee.  She has made calls, and all our current officers are willing to stay in their positions.  C. Moore also will be contacted regarding her willingness to stay as Vice Chair. K. Holt volunteered to be a director.  There was discussion regarding this not following our by-laws.  It was agreed that in our current state of flux, this less formal method is appropriate.
  • Ad Hoc Bi-Laws Committee: Chair Horcha reported that our club will need to determine a name change and mission statement, and that a by-laws committee will need to be appointed to make some changes.  Thanks to C. Boegner, that will be very easy work.  C. Stubbs, C. Boegner, P. Nelson, P. Hale and B. Horcha volunteered to be on the By-Laws Committee.  C. Stubbs advised that the National Board will hold their Annul Meeting in September.  She stated that there is a loose Ad-Hoc Committee looking into a formation of National Federation, but there is very low interest amongst the United States clubs. Ohio, a state which is very active, will probably invite us to their functions.
Presidents Reports: Chair Horcha suggested that rather than take to summer off as we usually do, we meet in 4 to 6 weeks so we can get our club in order.  A meeting date of August 6, 2020, at noon at the Creasy Bi-Centennial Park was established. This will be in the North Pavilion. We have an opportunity to do a service project at the Cottage of Davison.  There was a lot of discussion on what might be best, and it was agreed that we could host a tea for the residents and some of their family members. Because of health concerns, NEW Life Center will not be opening until July.  Fundraising in the near future would best be smaller events that are held in larger places.  We will plan a Tea for the spring, providing health conditions have improved.  We will be working on defining our Club including dues structure, will we be recruiting new members and if yes, will they want of meet in person or rely more heavily on technology.
Next meeting is Thursday, August 6, 2020, at noon, North Pavilion of Bi-Centennial Park
Meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by Pam Nelson, Recording Secretary