Posted by Barbara Horcha on Oct 01, 2019
On September 19, a rather raucous group of Quotarians gathered at the Flint Golf Club to celebrate our 75 years as a club. There were four former and one current president in attendance. We acknowledged the recent death of Jackie Oatman, our president from 1980-1981, and remembered her contributions to the club. Former presidents had a lot of history to share which was punctuated with a lot of laughter. After a somewhat challenging cupcake dessert, we were led in the Collect by Susan Schneberger, who is still learning the words, as am I.
October will be a busy month for us. Our Business Meeting is on October 3rd at the Masonic Temple. The Program Dinner is the 17th when we will celebrate Carolyn Stubbs' and Barbara Rumbel's forty years of service. And Sunday the 20th is our annual Chicken Dinner. Hopefully, you have all been selling tickets like crazy, and the dinner will be well attended. The tickets do not have the time on them, but the dinner is from 11:00 - 2:30. ( There are still opportunities to volunteer.) Our 2019 - 2020 Calendar is complete for the big events. The list can be found under Events on our website. Also they have been sent out to members.
Our Communications PR team is doing a great job of putting our name and mission "out there" electronlically. Many thanks.
Wishing each of you and all of us a great October.
Yours in Quota,
Barb Horcha, president