Posted by Jackie Scott on Oct 16, 2019
We have great news to share with our members today. Melissa Taylor, our newest member, is becoming the chief administrator of our Quota Website run by the program Clubrunner. After working all day yesterday at her real job, she came to my house for an intense tutoring session on the website. Melissa is a quick learner with lots of good ideas for our website. She is very good with computers too. So, I welcome her with open arms.
If you are experiencing difficulty with our website, you can now go to Melissa for help. I will also remain available to help too. If you bring in a new member, be sure to give that person's information to Melissa so that she can enter them into our website program. Melissa and I will be working together on this project to ensure a smooth transition. You can also help her with the project too. She has a request out there that will help us get to know each other better. It is a good start.
Looking forward to the new future of Quota's website and getting to know Melissa better.