Your monthly message from Quota International of Flint President, Shelly Hoffman.
Dear Fellow Quotarians:
Go outside or throw open a window and breathe in.  Do you smell that?  That's the smell of Autumn, which is on its way in.  I love the Fall.  The weather cools a bit, but I can still golf and play tennis in the day.  There's no need for the furnace OR the air conditioning to be on. Sweaters start to make an appearance. Chili and big pots of soup become weekend staples.   And, what else?  Oh, yes!  Quota International of Flint begins meeting regularly again! Our first Business Meeting of the year is fast approaching and I'm excited!  
I've met with the past presidents. I've met with the new board. I've invited members to chair committees. Now, I get to meet with our membership and get your input on the year to come, and I can't wait.  I look forward to the discussion that will ensue about Service.  This meeting will feature the new format I talked about in last month’s message (where we refrain from most of the verbal reports and we spend our time together socializing a bit and then looking at and talking about big picture items), so come prepared to talk.
And, don’t forget; we will have a Program Meeting in September as well.  While I told Lucille Bigelow that I would talk about the year to come, I have (without Lucille's knowledge) passed on to Carolyn Stubbs the opportunity to speak at this meeting.  She will give us a primer on our Foundation so that we all have a thorough understanding of it, how it operates, and what we can do, within the confines of the tax code, with the funds that are in it.  I think this will not only be fascinating (really!), but it will also set the stage for a discussion at our October Business Meeting.
So, there you have it – a preview of our upcoming meetings.  Now I feel like the “Ghost of Quotas to Come” only no amount of clean living will get you out of the future I have foretold.  ;-)  And, now for a non sequitur . . .  (Sorry, there was just no way to finesse a smooth transition here.)
Chicken Wings
Chickens don’t have hands. I think you already knew that.  But have you thought of the implications of such a deficiency? Well, one thing that just jumps out at me is that chickens can’t actually applaud.  So, how, in this “Year of the Chicken,” as I have so cavalierly dubbed it, can I show thematic appreciation for the good things our Quota members do?  Well, it occurs to me that chickens have wings and when moved up and down, as can be demonstrated in “The Chicken Dance,” they kind of have a way of expressing joy.  So, I’m going to begin a new tradition of offering virtual “Chicken Wings” to members who have done something noteworthy, or simply said “yes” to a request.  This month, Chicken Wings are being thrown to:
Lucille Bigelow – Lucille is finishing up her stint as Programming Chair at the end of the calendar year.  She has been so wonderful in this role and has planned great events.  However, because she wouldn’t tell me in advance where the Mystery Dinner was, she just has to go (I kid!).  Lucille has also worked to collect over 100 pair of socks for the New Life Center for Women.
Shawn Bryson – In addition to serving as Vice-President, Shawn agreed to take over Programming next year.  She, of course, will let me know where the Mystery Dinner will be.
Jackie Scott – Jackie has been so incredibly helpful in the transition from her presidency to mine.  Thanks, Jackie!
Kathy Mora – Kathy said “Yes” to delivering the Thought for the Day at our September Business Meeting.  She also hosted the Fifth Wheels meeting and is an all-around good egg. (That’s a chicken joke.)
Stay tuned for more Chicken Wings and bad jokes from me.  Consider yourself warned!
Yours in Quota,