Posted by Barbara Horcha on Nov 04, 2019
As of this writing, Ann Beagle has almost completed celebrating her birthday and both Gail Stimson and Jacki Scott are looking forward to birthdays later this month.  Happy Birthday to all.October is behind us.  The Chicken Dinner was very well attended and everyone who was able worked really hard.  We have consensus that we will reduce the number of hours in the future (a decision made at the end of a very busy event) and, since the Temple is taking a larger share of the profit, we will need to consider increasing the cost of tickets next year.  Two attendees expressed an interest in membership.  A complete report will be shared at our Business Meeting on the 7th. 
Melissa has already shared, on our web page, the 40 Years of Service Celebration for Barb Rumbel and Carolyn Stubbs on October 17th.   Melissa and Jackie met and Jackie posted on our website about “passing of torch” for administrating the site.  We are really fortunate as a club to have members willing to volunteer time and energy for this, and for everything we do.  A shout out to Renee for boosting our image on Facebook, as well.
We will have a lot of ground to cover at our Business Meeting on the 7th.  I will be attending the Motherly Intercession fundraising dinner on November 9th, and will represent the Club.  For our Program Meeting this month (11/21) we will get in the holiday spirit with a cutthroat Christmas Ornament exchange.  And we can all attend the Interservice Club Luncheon on Friday, November 22nd.  Kathy Holt will have tickets to sell.
I hope each of you and all of us have a great November.